Volkswagen Airbag Problems?
VW Throttle Lag Problems?

Recently a number of consumers on the internet have been reporting problems with their VW's. Some of the problems being reported by Volkswagen owners include:

Our goal is to compile and report the problems in order to help all affected Volkswagon consumers. If you are experiencing a problem that is not listed here, please take the time to fill out the form below and let us know about it and we will be glad to add it to our site. Additionally, the information will be used to investigate whether a possible class action suit against Volkswagen may be filed to ensure that the company properly fixes these potentially dangerous problems.

If you have experienced or are currently expericencing throttle hesitation or airbag problems and are looking for lemon law help or are interested in joining a possible class action suit, simply fill out and email our free case review form below. We will be glad to review your case at no charge and will notify you if qualify under the lemon law, or if a class action suit develops.

By filling out the form you may be eligible for a refund, a new VW, repairs, extended warranty coverage or some other remedy. Whatever way you participate, we can help you gain the satisfaction you deserve. Why settle for excuses and aggravation anymore?

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