VW Airbags Deploying By Accident?

Imagine driving along and suddenly your airbag deploys for no reason at all! This alarming trend is being reported by a number of Volkswagen owners. In fact, according to one former NHTSA official, there have been over 200 reported cases of side airbags or front airbags deploying. The complaints include the following models:

  • 2001 - 2003 Volkswagen Golf's
  • 2001 - 2003 Volkswagen Jetta's
  • 2001 - 2003 Volkswagen GTI's

Some of the complaints report the airbag deploying while driving down the highway, after hitting a pothole, rock or curb, or even when cars are parked. Airbag injuries reported as a result of the airbag deploying range from minor bruises, burns and broken bones, to more serious injuries including one claim that a person even lost an eye.

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